Added Value Subscriber Service

To benefit Epica Health & Safety Subscribers we have put together further services to benefit you, your business and employees.

Free Health & Safety Seminars
Epica Health & Safety deliver 3 seminars each year to our subscribing clients only. You may book any amount of people onto the seminar to keep you updated with health and safety goings on relevant to you.

These seminars will provide you with:

  • Up to date information on guidance and legislation
  • Tips and advice on health and safety in the workplace
  • Recent court cases

Healthy Employees Happy Employees
Again for subscribing clients and employees only!

You and your employees will receive VIP passes to Ultimate Fitness Conditioning Ltd giving you priority over other customers when speaking with trainers and booking training sessions.

The Ultimate Fitness Conditioning Coaching team’s sole objective is to create an optimum training environment to make Clients feel welcome, challenged and part of the Ultimate Fitness Conditioning community. Whether a client of Personal Training, Boot Camps, Elite Fitness or MMA-ercise Ultimate Fitness Conditioning work to a high standard of customer service, diligence, knowledge and delivery to ensure you have the best possible training experience.

The coaching team also have wide experience of injury rehabilitation and surgery recovery, helping to improve pain management and the quality of life for many people.

If a subscribing client successfully refers a new business to Epica Health & Safety then the person who referred that business will be rewarded with a fantastic gift as a thank you from the Epica Team.

Loyalty Scheme
Only for subscribing clients do we present this offer!

Epica Health & Safety deliver a range of health and safety training courses through our scheduled training program. If you book 6 or more employees onto our scheduled training courses at once, whether that is 1 or 2 employees on various courses or all onto one course, we will give you 2 extra places for FREE!

Health & Safety Insurance
The cost of legal preparation and representation can be significant for any business.  Through Harold Wilson (Insurances) Ltd we have put together a scheme for our subscribers only. It provides you with legal expenses cover, for health and safety issues in particular. The insurance policy also includes for:

  • Employment disputes and compensation awards
  • Legal defence
  • Statutory licence appeal
  • Property protection and personal injury
  • Tax protection
  • Helpline services

As a subscriber it’s your insurance policy so it’s entirely up to you whether you opt in or opt out!


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