Lane End Construction

Project Overview

Lane End Construction is an established quality constructor with an enviable reputation, working asa developer and home builder in both Merseyside & Greater Manchester areas.

The project consisted of several key health and safety areas to focus upon including; provide CDM advice to Principal Designer and Principal Contractor, develop and manage company health and safety management system, produce required health and safety documents, develop and implement the on-site project health and safety management system, pre qualify and appraise subcontractors, compilation and delivery of health and safety files and operations and maintenance manuals, carry out regular site health safety and welfare inspections and document audit, recommend and deliver training to employees relevant to their role,

CDM advice is provided by Epica Health & Safety throughout the project from feasibility through to completion. Epica Health & Safety carried out a gap analysis on both the company and project health and safety management systems to identify the immediate needs from a legislative and bench mark perspective. A draft plan was developed and delivered to both the Board of Directors and Contracts Manager for approval. Approval gained and management systems were developed. Epica Health & Safety delivered the management system to key personnel that had responsibilities and accountabilities.

A specific pre qualification document was developed by Epica Health & Safety that incorporated different requirements from all departments at Lane End Construction. This was issued to all subcontractors and suppliers alike and responses were appraised and recorded on a simple document that linked to Lane End Constructions’ purchasing process and highlights expiries of key appraised documents..

Epica Health & Safety have provided a dedicated team member who collates all information required at the end of the project for client use. This allows site management what they do best and concentrate on a timely completion.

Each Lane End Construction project is visited regularly by Epica Health & Safety who carry out site health safety and welfare inspection that also audit the onsite health and safety management system.. These are carried out in the presence of site management. The outcome is discussed and actions raised are issued to relevant personnel for closure in a timely fashion.

Lane End Construction training matrix was brought up to date highlighting courses that required renewal within the next 3months, and signaled when the competency had expired. Epica Health & Safety developed a training plan that corresponded with the matrix and delivered the training on time.