Worldly Wednesday – Work with us to help you

Worldly Definition: Having a wide and refined knowledge of the world especially from personal experience. Even the most experienced companies who set a high standard for Health and Safety can be improved. It is highly unlikely that any company is perfect, especially where Health and Safety is concerned. There are always new legislation and regulations being introduced or updated on … Read More

Factual Friday – Let’s Face Facts

How safe are you on the road? Whether you are a driver or pedestrian, we are all responsible for road safety. Research suggests that at the end of March 2019, there were 38.4 million licensed vehicles in Great Britain. Add that to the current population of the Great Britain is approx. 67,530,172. So, there are 38.4 million licensed vehicles and … Read More

Meticulous Monday – Making sure it is right

Measure twice, cut once – How meticulous are you in your job? Have you ever been in such a hurry to complete a job? You rush through it, complete it and then it turns out wrong?! How frustrating! Stop and take a minute to compose yourself and think strategically about what you are about to do, making sure what you … Read More

Focused Friday – Keeping your eye on the target

Have you got that Friday feeling? When we are about to go into the weekend, it is easy to switch off and stop concentrating. You are looking forward to the weekend, having a lie in, relaxing and not having to work… Whilst we don’t blame you, it is important to make sure you stay alert whilst carrying out your job. … Read More

Thorough Thursday – Keeping it in check!

How thorough are you with your Health and Safety procedures, Checks and Inspections? Making sure you carry out the correct procedures and have the correct policies in place is imperative. Are you 100% confident that you have all aspects of Health and Safety covered within your workplace? There may be things you have missed, legislation you aren’t fully up to … Read More

Wealth Wednesday – What’s your take?

What comes to mind when you hear ‘Wealth’? Most people think of lots of money, luxurious lifestyles, fancy cars… The list is endless. However, have you ever stopped to think you are extremely wealthy just for having air in your lungs? We all take our bodies for granted; To be able to breathe with ease To have use of all … Read More

Tidy Tuesday – Tidy work space, Tidy mind!

More often than not we are so busy, the area around us both in work and at home becomes untidy, its normal! However, sometimes it feels good to just take time out of your day to stop what you are doing and regroup. Why not stick on some of your favourite music and begin your cleaning spree – whether you … Read More

Togetherness Thursday – Teamwork makes the dreamwork!

There is a stigma around Health and Safety for being boring, tedious and creating work. People tend to run a mile when they see Health and Safety however, when our advisors attend site, we can assure you that there really is no need. Our Health and Safety advisors not only highlight what your company needs to implement and improve on … Read More

Worldly Wednesday – Sharing your knowledge

Worldly Definition: Having a wide and refined knowledge of the world especially from personal experience. Quite often it is the case that employees leave one business and go to another however, the Health and Safety varies massively. This may be due to a change in trade or sector, it may be down to the size of the business and what … Read More

Zero Tolerance Tuesday – What standards do you set?

Every workplace should operate a zero-tolerance policy on the use of alcohol, drugs or any other substance which could cause intoxication whilst at work. This also goes for some prescribed medications; some medication can also cause side effects which could mean that you are not fit to carry out your job. Whether you operate machinery, work in construction or even … Read More

Wellbeing Wednesday – Work it out

How often do you consider your own wellbeing? Sometimes it is good to just stop and reflect on your mind, body and soul, also to do a self-scan to see if there is anything that can be improved. Too often in life we rush around so much that we neglect our bodies, we often take our bodies for granted in … Read More

Teaching Tuesday – Talk it out together

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” – William Arthur Ward. How competent are you? How competent are your colleagues? Do you lead by example? Do you pass on your knowledge of working safely or the most efficient way to carry out a job? We should all receive training when starting … Read More

Manageable Monday – Monday Madness

Do you start the week full of dread? Knowing that you have lots to do and don’t know where to start? Why not take a moment to sit and think about your list of jobs. Start with the most pressing issue and then follow on with your other tasks in order of priority Stick a time and date next to … Read More

Thinking Thursday – Stop, think and assess

How often do you think about your place of work? What works and what can be improved? Do you ever go the extra mile to highlight issues and endeavor to have them rectified as soon as possible? Many people are aware of hazards in the workplace but choose not to act because it is easier, it may cause them work … Read More

Talking Tuesday – Communication

How often and how effectively do you communicate in your workplace? Are you the employee and are unsure about processes and procedures or do you have gaps in your training? Have you highlighted your lack of understanding or training requirements? Are you the employer and witness potential hazards that may cause harm but plan to deal with it later? Many … Read More

Mindfulness Monday – Monday Morning Blues

Monday Morning blues?! We all have them – especially when the weather is miserable and cold! Why not try some Mindfulness techniques to set your week up in the right way? Step 1: Take a deep breath. Step 2: Evaluate your posture. Are you hunched over? Are you slouching? Correct your posture to ensure that you don’t come out of … Read More

CDM15 Offences See Managing Director Disqualified

The Managing Director of a small building company has been disqualified from being a company director for three years.  He pleaded guilty to breaching Section 37 of the Health and Safety at Work Act over health and safety offences at a “poor” site in London. The contractor has also been convicted of offences under the CDM Regulations. Kewie Doherty was … Read More


Epica Health & Safety have launched its Sun Safe campaign this month. As temperatures are soaring across the UK, the risk of skin cancers become more of a threat. As skin cancer is now the most common cancer, Epica Health & Safety launched their summer campaign predominantly with clients working outside. The campaign includes the delivery of useful information regards … Read More

Will You and Your Staff Survive GDPR?

E-Learning Data Protection with GDPR – Book Here Epica Health & Safety can now offer this brand new E-Learning course will make all staff aware of the new regulation in just 40 minutes and is accredited by British Safety Council. Human error accounts for 62% of all data breaches reported in the UK. Breaching new regulations could lead to fines of … Read More

E-Learning with Award Winning Epica Health & Safety and SafetyMate™

E-Learning with Award Winning Epica Health & Safety and SafetyMate™ their Learning Management System. Epica Health & Safety offer a comprehensive suite of training and qualifications in health, safety and environmental management. Epica Health & Safety e-learning courses cover everything you’re likely to need to look after your employees and manage compliance training.  All e-learning courses are accredited by British Safety … Read More