All drivers must have access to welfare facilities

All drivers must have access to welfare facilities in the premises they visit as part of their work. There have been reports that some drivers are not being allowed to use welfare facilities when they deliver. Preventing access to welfare facilities is against the law, equally it’s not the sensible thing to do. Drivers must have access to welfare facilities … Read More

New and revised Workplace Exposure Limits

EH40/2005 has been updated, to its fourth edition version 2020, to include new and revised Workplace Exposure Limits (WELs) for carcinogenic substances. Using chemicals or other hazardous substances at work can put people’s health at risk. To prevent ill health, the law requires employers to control exposure to such substances.   Employers must protect both employees and others who may be exposed.  They must comply with … Read More

Factual Friday – Let’s Face Facts

How safe are you on the road? Whether you are a driver or pedestrian, we are all responsible for road safety. Research suggests that at the end of March 2019, there were 38.4 million licensed vehicles in Great Britain. Add that to the current population of the Great Britain is approx. 67,530,172. So, there are 38.4 million licensed vehicles and … Read More

Thirsty Thursday – Fill up with 8, make sure you hydrate!

It is recommended that we drink 8 x 8oz glasses of water per day, this is known as the 8×8 rule. Whilst water isn’t the most exciting drink, it is the most important. Water has many benefits and is crucial for a healthy body. Benefits include: Lubricating the joints Forming saliva and mucus Delivering oxygen throughout the body Boosts skin … Read More

Manageable Monday – Making it happen

Are you making a list and checking it twice? (Sorry we couldn’t resist!) This time of year becomes extremely busy, not only in the workplace but at home as well. Christmas is fast approaching and the chaos begins. It is however also a good time to re-group, de-clutter and re-organise. At Work: Clear your desk, bin anything that is no … Read More

Workout Wednesday – Working up a sweat

Although considered a chore at times – working out is great for lifting and having a positive effect on your mood. We spend too much time procrastinating when it comes to exercise, how many times have you said the following? I will exercise when I get home from work… then don’t! I will exercise after tea… and haven’t! I will … Read More

Mindfulness Monday – Let’s re-connect

We are always being told to be mindful and practice mindfulness but what does it mean? Mindfulness is all about being in the moment and being present, listening to your body and what it is telling you. It is important to re-connect with our bodies from time to time. To be able to do this you need to either go … Read More

Therapy Thursday – Think, Talk & Tackle your issues

Therapy is a treatment intended to relieve or heal the effects, of an illness whether that be mental, physical or emotional. This can cover many topics, some of which are listed below; Abuse, trauma, or neglect Isolation or loneliness Discrimination and stigma Social disadvantage, poverty or debt Severe or long-term stress Homelessness or poor housing Drug and alcohol misuse PTSD … Read More

Thorough Thursday – Keeping it in check!

How thorough are you with your Health and Safety procedures, Checks and Inspections? Making sure you carry out the correct procedures and have the correct policies in place is imperative. Are you 100% confident that you have all aspects of Health and Safety covered within your workplace? There may be things you have missed, legislation you aren’t fully up to … Read More

Tidy Tuesday – Tidy work space, Tidy mind!

More often than not we are so busy, the area around us both in work and at home becomes untidy, its normal! However, sometimes it feels good to just take time out of your day to stop what you are doing and regroup. Why not stick on some of your favourite music and begin your cleaning spree – whether you … Read More

Togetherness Thursday – Teamwork makes the dreamwork!

There is a stigma around Health and Safety for being boring, tedious and creating work. People tend to run a mile when they see Health and Safety however, when our advisors attend site, we can assure you that there really is no need. Our Health and Safety advisors not only highlight what your company needs to implement and improve on … Read More

Zero Tolerance Tuesday – What standards do you set?

Every workplace should operate a zero-tolerance policy on the use of alcohol, drugs or any other substance which could cause intoxication whilst at work. This also goes for some prescribed medications; some medication can also cause side effects which could mean that you are not fit to carry out your job. Whether you operate machinery, work in construction or even … Read More

Meditative Monday – Be more connected

Have you tried meditation? Do you really enjoy it? Is it not for you? When we think about meditation, we often picture the stereotype (as seen in the picture above) legs crossed, arms out and humming. Whilst some do enjoy this type of meditation, this isn’t the only way. Meditation can take on many different forms however, it should all … Read More

Wellbeing Wednesday – Work it out

How often do you consider your own wellbeing? Sometimes it is good to just stop and reflect on your mind, body and soul, also to do a self-scan to see if there is anything that can be improved. Too often in life we rush around so much that we neglect our bodies, we often take our bodies for granted in … Read More

Dogs Are Good for Our Health and Wellbeing

This morning Elizabeth Sinclair Director of Epica Health, Safety & Wellbeing told the office a story about picking up her dog from No More Kennels on Friday evening.  To be honest a couple of us began to yawn, it’s always about Elsie the Westie, but this time it wasn’t! We sat hypnotically waiting for this treat (sorry) of a story. … Read More

Manageable Monday – Monday Madness

Do you start the week full of dread? Knowing that you have lots to do and don’t know where to start? Why not take a moment to sit and think about your list of jobs. Start with the most pressing issue and then follow on with your other tasks in order of priority Stick a time and date next to … Read More

Fruity Friday – Feeling Fantastic

Looking after your body is very important. That’s why we should give our bodies the best chance, by eating the right foods with the best nutrients. For those who are traditional, why not try: Oranges – Oranges are low in calories and full of nutrients, they promote clear, healthy, skin and can help to lower our risk for many diseases, … Read More

Workout Wednesday – Let’s get physical!

Whether you are in an office job or work on a factory floor. It is important to keep mobile whilst on the job. If you are office based why not try some or all of the stretches below to help improve circulation and bring you out of that post lunch slump! Chest Stretch Upper Body Twist Hip Marching Ankle Stretch … Read More

Mindfulness Monday – Monday Morning Blues

Monday Morning blues?! We all have them – especially when the weather is miserable and cold! Why not try some Mindfulness techniques to set your week up in the right way? Step 1: Take a deep breath. Step 2: Evaluate your posture. Are you hunched over? Are you slouching? Correct your posture to ensure that you don’t come out of … Read More