Accident Investigation Notices & FFI

If you are ever presented with a health and safety situation which you feel uncomfortable to deal with alone then you should contact Epica Health, Safety & Wellbeing as soon as possible for assistance.

Accident Investigation

We will advise you on the immediate steps to be taken following an accident. There is often a requirement to undertake an investigation into the underlying causes of the accident. A good understanding of these underlying causes within an organisation is key if learning and prevention is to take place.

The actual requirement of the investigation depends on the legislation and regulations where the accident occurred. The investigation should be undertaken in a methodical manner to gain information on these causes.

A structured systematic report will be presented, providing you with a good understanding int the underlying causes of the accident. The full report will include recommendations and action plan for implementation to prevent future occurrence.

Prohibition and Improvement Notices

Our advisors are on hand to guide you through the implication arising from any enforcement action taken against you by one of the enforcing bodies. Legal advice can also be provided on compliance, appeal of, the service of Enforcement Notices.

Fee for Intervention (FFI)

FFI applies to duty holders where Health and Safety Executive HSE is the enforcing authority. This includes employers, self-employed people, who put others (including employees or members of the public) at risk, and some individuals acting in a capacity other than as an employee, e.g. partners.

The fee payable by duty holders found to be in material breach of the law is £124 per hour. The total amount to be recovered will be based in the amount of time it takes HSE to identify and conclude its regulatory action in relation to the material breach.

Our advisors are able to help you through the implications and achieve the requirements made for the material breach uncovered by HSE.

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