Diabetes Week 2017

Do you or anyone you know need help managing diabetes? While there are a lot of people who have a wider understanding on diabetes than others, we can all learn on how it should be managed. Many people are not getting the right support needed to look after their diabetes.

We can help employers raise awareness in the workplace and carry out specific risk assessment for employees with diabetes to ensure the correct support and controls are in place while at work.  Making your workplace safer.  Contact us to arrange a diabetes assessment.

Today, sadly 65 people will die from the condition and hundreds more will face the life-changing complications in which can be avoided or delayed if they’d had known of the correct support to managing their diabetes. A variety of people do know and manage their diabetes well. However, this knowing how to manage it, isn’t the case for many people tackling the condition.

The vision of Diabetes UK is a world in which diabetes can do no harm. Together as one if you help they can make managing diabetes for everyone a reality.

The Diabetes UK trust are encouraging those within the diabetes community to share their experiences and knowledge with others. They encourage to hear people who have tackled the condition to come forward with their stories and share the knowledge they learned of diabetes. This is thought to be a successful strategy to tackle diabetes awareness.  It will show others with the condition of how they have approached it and how to correctly mange it.

The trust and Epica know that the right knowledge can transform lives. So, get involved yourself, there are a variety of ways in doing so. Such as, joining conversation on social media networks such as twitter using the hashtags, #diabetesweek #knowdiabetes #fightdiabetes.

You can get involved by downloading from Diabetes UK.  Community information is provided to help promote awareness, the trust has created a variety of posters to help the supporters of diabetes.