Epica make Health & Safety Simple with SafetyMateâ„¢ Web App

SafetyMateâ„¢ a unique web based system that helps businesses control and manage their compliance system, training, accreditation’s, projects and equipment.

Earlier this year Epica Health & Safety launched SafetyMateâ„¢ an easy to use web based platform to streamline management of Health & Safety information.

Designed initially as a free solution to compliment the health and safety advice and practical health and safety training of Epica Health & Safety. However now grown to allow any organisation to consolidate health & safety policies and manage training, equipment and accreditations for businesses.

SafetyMateâ„¢ is a secure service which allows users to view and control their health & safety information. They can submit requests for help as well as being able to access their policies and procedures, risk assessments, checklists and book a wide range of online and offline Health & Safety training courses. The software has communication and task tracking features to ensure expiry dates are flagged well in advance and dealt with by Epica Health & Safety so companies can stay compliant.

A library of health & safety literature from HSE and Epica Health & Safety is built into SafetyMate™ and available to every user. This is backed up with periodic mailshots from the system when legislation changes to keep client’s informed.

Epica Health & Safety’s mission is to work in partnership with businesses and provide simple, practical and competent health and safety support in the most cost effective manner. The concept for SafetyMate™ came from this mission, by keeping health and safety simple and helping our customers save time and money that they’re able to put back into their business.

SafetyMate™ will always be available free of charge to all Epica Health & Safety clients and subscribers. Visit www.epica.org.uk/safetymate/ for more information or to book a no obligation demonstration of how SafetyMate™ can streamline your company’s health & safety systems and training.

If you would like further information on SafetyMateâ„¢ please contact:

Liz Sinclair, Managing Director

Phone: 0151 448 7940

Email: liz.sinclair@epica.org.uk