Fire Protection Organisation

This is what we call “roles and responsibilities”. You should identify those in your company who have key roles for fire protection and clearly identify their responsibilities aligned with their employment.

You’re responsible for fire safety in business or other non-domestic premises if you’re:

  • an employer
  • the owner
  • the landlord
  • an occupier
  • anyone else with control of the premises, for example a facilities manager, building manager, managing agent or risk assessor

You’re known as the ‘responsible person’. If there’s more than one responsible person, you have to work together to meet your responsibilities.

Epica Health, Safety & Wellbeing can help you identify those within your organisation who have specific roles with regards to fire protection. We can also help you describe the responsibilities of that role and communicate it effectively to specific personnel.

We can help you discuss with others what your fire protection systems are and liaise on how they will work together with neighbours, whether they be commercial or domestic.

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