Fortunate Friday – Returning home safely

We come into work on a daily basis and go home safely, when was the last time you stopped and evaluated the hazards that you encounter daily and take into consideration how fortunate you are to return home fit and healthy, the same way as when you came into work.

For example, those who drive – how many times have you made that drive into work but switched off along the way? You get to work and think ‘wow, I don’t even remember the journey in’ that is because we are so used to making that journey, our brains switch off and we do it automatically without us really thinking.

How many times have you done that in your job? It is important to stay present and be extra vigilant whilst at work. We spend approximately one third of our lives at work – that is a huge amount of time! It is also important to look out for your colleagues whilst in work, someone else might be having a ‘switched off’ day. You don’t have to be trained in certain areas to help make your workplace safer, if you see a hazard simply intervene.

Identify the hazard, cordon off the area if possible, highlight your concerns to management to make sure it is dealt with.

If you would like to know more about what to look out for in your workplace, we offer Level 2 Award in Health and Safety in the Workplace.