Fruity Friday – Mixing it up

With the huge range of sweet treats on the supermarket shelves now, its so hard not to pick up bars of chocolate, cream cakes, ready-made desserts… The list goes on!

It is easy to neglect that fruit can be a tasty and satisfying dessert. Instead of reaching for the desserts laden with refined sugar, why not try getting creative with fruit. You can still add on little treats however, if most of your dessert is fruit (containing natural sugars) it will be much healthier.

Here are some ideas;

  • Fruit Cocktail – You can add some freshly whipped cream
  • Yoghurt and fruit – Why not try creating some funny faces out of the fruit for the kids!
  • Fruit drizzled with honey and nuts
  • Dark chocolate dipped banana bites

Why not get creative and see what fruity wonders you can come up with?