HSE Activity

HSE were targeting inspections on construction sites for two weeks from 23rd of June.

The HSE have just released their findings:

A total of 560 sites were visited. The Inspectors focussed on significant health risk issues, such as respiratory risks from dusts containing silica materials, exposure to other hazardous substances such as cement and lead paint, manual handling, noise and vibration.

  • One in 6 sites visit resulted in issuing enforcement actions.
  • Work was stopped (Prohibition notices) on 13 sites.
  • and enforcement notices were served at 85 sites
  • 107 Improvement Notices.
  • Notices of Contravention (FFI) were served at 201 of the sites.

During the last recorded year the HSE have carried out a total of 23,470 inspections. 51% of which were in construction, 37% in Manufacturing, 9% in Waste and the balance in other trades. Over 10,000 notices were issued; the highest rate in 3 years and legal proceedings were issued in 597 cases.