Manufacturing & Engineering Safety

This sector covers a diverse range of activities, from woodworking and metal fabrication, paper and plastic manufacture, food and drink production and furniture manufacture.

On average, 27 workers are killed each year in this sector, accounting for almost 20% of all workplace fatalities.

In order to maintain health and safety standards within a manufacturing and engineering environment it is important to identify the most frequent and serious risks and adopting the necessary precautions, taking account of time, money and resources.

So how can Epica Health & Safety help you and your team?

Our health and safety advisors will assess the activities you undertake throughout your premises from goods in to despatch, traffic management, plant and equipment used, and the general arrangement and layout of the premises.

This initial assessment will enable our health and safety advisors to identify the necessary control measures, safe systems of work, monitoring methods, and maintenance procedures required and if they are being implemented on your premises.

Epica Health & Safety will help your team and can deliver the following:

  • Undertake risk assessments and safe systems of work of the manufacturing activities, plant and equipment;
  • Assess your training requirements against activities carried out and develop a training plan and ensure it is subsequently reviewed and updated on a periodic basis.
  • Ensure that all relevant machinery and equipment is subject to any relevant statutory inspections and routine maintenance, and that all the relevant safety features are in place such as guarding and emergency stops.
  • Develop monitoring measures that are bespoke for your business.
  • Provide a structured management plan for your facilities management.
  • Provide health and safety information to your teams and carry out regular health and safety consultation with your workforce.
  • Empower your managers and supervisors with regards to health and safety.

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The aim is to provide those who work in the manufacturing and engineering sector with the knowledge and information required to prevent harm. Training provides employees with an understanding of health, safety, welfare and environmental issues, as well as their legal responsibilities relevant to their work activities.

Epica provides a range of classroom and e-learning based training.

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Operational Maintenance and Testing

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