Meditative Monday – Be more connected

Have you tried meditation? Do you really enjoy it? Is it not for you?

When we think about meditation, we often picture the stereotype (as seen in the picture above) legs crossed, arms out and humming. Whilst some do enjoy this type of meditation, this isn’t the only way.

Meditation can take on many different forms however, it should all have the same end goal:

  • To lower stress levels
  • Connect better with your body, do you feel pain or tension?
  • Improve our focus
  • Focus on our breathing – take a moment to regulate your breathing
  • Give ourselves a break

So often in life we rush around trying to complete all of our tasks. We rarely stop to think how our bodies are coping and what condition they are in. The main casualty in this is usually the mind. You can guarantee that no matter how quick your body is moving doing all the things you want it to do, your mind will be working much faster, thinking about the next ten things you need to do as well as trying to concentrate on the task at hand.

If you aren’t into the traditional method of meditation, why not try some of the following activities whilst bearing in mind the points above; go for a walk and concentrate on your breathing, take a bath or shower and relax your muscles, take some time to concentrate only you – give yourself a pamper. Regardless of which method you choose or if you choose to participate in them all, use the time to switch off from your daily activities and connect with your mind and body. Don’t forget – give yourself a break, you’re doing fantastic!