Meticulous Monday – Making sure it is right

Measure twice, cut once – How meticulous are you in your job?

Have you ever been in such a hurry to complete a job? You rush through it, complete it and then it turns out wrong?! How frustrating!

Stop and take a minute to compose yourself and think strategically about what you are about to do, making sure what you are doing is safe. If you are cutting banding – are you wearing safety glasses? Before cutting with a blade – do you have the correct gloves on? When you are loosening those bolts, nuts and screws – have you considered what is about to fall when it comes loose? Nobody likes squished fingers!

Have you fully switched on and engaged as to where your hands are situated? Who’s is in your work space and the environment in which you are working in?

Whilst you could argue that you don’t have time to pay attention to detail. Think about if the worst was to happen – Losing digits, losing your sight or seriously injuring yourself or a colleague. Consider how you would feel if any of these incidents were to occur, you would do anything to turn back time and take those extra few moments to make it safe.