New Speeding Guidelines Come into Force in England And Wales

Strapping punishments are now in place across England and Wales for the most serious speeding offences. The new guidelines which have been distributed are as follows; if a driver is caught driving at 51mph in a 30mph zone, or 101mph on a motorway, it will start at a minimum of 150% of the driver’s weekly income, rather than a previous level of 100%.
The new guidelines follow responses to a consultation that argued the previous guidelines did not properly consider the potential increase in harm that can result as speed above the limit rises.
Moreover, with the new fines introduced this may help reduce the accidents happening on the road as more people will know what a heavy consequence it will now cause them and help to keep the roads safer from drivers and pedestrians.
The image below shows all bands for each speed limit broken and penalties. Remember its these penalties plus 150% of your weekly income fine.