Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Assessments

The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations require assessments of workstations to be undertaken to ensure that ergonomic and other hazards are not presented to Employees.

Epica Health, Safety & Wellbeing can deliver the following to your employees:

  • Identify “users” of display screen equipment
  • Undertake the specific one to one assessments
  • Provide a report on the assessment process
  • Propose actions to reduce identified issues

By using a combination of observation, interview questions, we gather information relating to the workstations, the people using them and the environment in which they are used.

The resulting assessment identifies any possible solutions to any identified problems.  This is then presented in a detailed DSE Assessment Report.

The DSE Assessments will help to:

  • Identify control measures for working with display screen equipment
  • Provide information to employees relating to the workstations they use
  • Avoid adverse health and postural effects from poor ergonomics and workstation layout
  • Demonstrate to enforcing authorities your company’s commitment


The aim is to make all personnel aware of fire safety issues in the workplace. They must be able to act on their own initiative and to play their part in ensuring that the company has proper fire protection. The fire protection manager and other responsible persons may need additional specialist training.

  • Classroom – Principles of Risk Assessment
  • Classroom – Health & Safety in the Workplace
  • E Learning – Health & Safety for DSE Users
  • E Learning – Stress Management
  • E Learning – Health & Safety for Managers

Equipment Testing

Portable Appliance testing can be used as part of a maintenance regime for portable electrical equipment. The recommended cyclical testing is detailed in the Electrical Engineers Code of Practice for in-service inspection and testing of electrical equipment.

This service is available from Epica Health, Safety & Wellbeing upon request whether it is on site or on your premises.

Portable appliance testing is not only for construction but for equipment found in schools, hotels, offices, shops, industrial areas, kitchens, etc.

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