Epica Health & Safety have launched its Sun Safe campaign this month. As temperatures are soaring across the UK, the risk of skin cancers become more of a threat.

As skin cancer is now the most common cancer, Epica Health & Safety launched their summer campaign predominantly with clients working outside.

The campaign includes the delivery of useful information regards to Causes, Affects, Protection, Vulnerable Sites, UV Index, Sun Screen, Warning Signs and Where to get Help. Campaign posters have been issued to welfare areas encouraging people to check their skin regularly.

Epica Health & Safety are not only educating employees but also the employers too. They have specifically targeted those clients working outside, highlighting what changes they can make to help their employees.

Elizabeth Sinclair, Director of Epica Health & Safety said, “Our Sun Safe Campaign never gets tired. Skin cancer is one of the most common cancers in the world yet many of use still crave for that tan or sun kissed glow.  Working outdoors in the sun all day, can make it tricky to manage protection properly.

“We try and bury the myths and provide good information that they can use at work and take home to their family.

“2yrs ago while running this campaign we discovered that a client had taken a leaflet home to his wife, so she could check his moles. One in particular stood out to her so they visited their local GP.  A biopsy was taken and unfortunately the test came back positive.  Thankfully they found it in time and the mole and surrounding skin was removed.  He called me personally to tell me he was in the clear and to thank Epica Health & Safety for running the campaign and raising awareness.”

Carl Russell Director of Russell Roofing Ltd added “It’s great that Epica Health & Safety run these campaigns for their clients.  As a roofer my employees are out in all types weather. So it’s good that we keep them up to date not only with safety matters but also health issues.  Today has given us all some practical advice that we can also take home”.

Sun Safe Tips for everyone, even if your skin is not fair and freckled, you should still be particularly careful while outdoors in the summer particularly around midday.

  • Do try to work and take your breaks in the shade if you can
  • Don’t be complacent; get to know your skin’s most vulnerable areas (eg back of neck, head, nose) and keep them covered.
  • Don’t try to get a tan – it’s not a healthy sign. It might look good, but it indicates that the skin has already been damaged
  • Cover up. Ordinary clothing made from close-woven fabric, such as a long-sleeved work shirt and jeans, will stop most of the UV.
  • Wear a hat.
  • Don’t forget, creams and lotions can add useful protection for parts of your body that are not easy to shade from the sun. Look for a sun protection factor (SPF) rating of 15 or more and that it protects against UVA and UVB.
  • Check your Skin!

Also, for those suffering with hay fever click this link to help keep pollen levels low in the workplace.