Talking Tuesday – Let’s get chatting

Whilst talking and chatting isn’t usually promoted in the workplace, when done in the right way it can be beneficial.

By talking and chatting, we don’t just mean gossiping with your work colleague, about what you got up to at the weekend. Whilst the office phone is ringing, and the emails are pinging through. We mean positive communication…

  • Instead of playing email tennis and not getting the answers you need, pick yourself up and physically go and see the person. It is time away from your screen or workstation and discussing an issue face to face is often easier.
  • If there are departments or certain people who you don’t usually converse with. Do your best to spark up a conversation, who knows you might make a new friend and gain insight into parts of the business you weren’t aware of.
  • In many work environments there can sometimes be an office/shop floor, us and them mentality. Break down those barriers and go and speak with the other party – they don’t bite! It can also be beneficial to see how each other carries out their daily job. It is easy to surmise whilst you are knee deep in your own work but when you see someone else carrying out their job you may even learn to appreciate what they do.
  • Last but certainly not least, there are many people within a workplace that are struggling with mental health. Sometimes just letting onto people or asking them how they are can make a huge difference. Wouldn’t you feel better knowing you have had a positive impact on someone’s day?