Teaching Tuesday – Teach, Talk and Thrive

Being employed to carry out a particular role often comes with responsibility to be qualified to a satisfactory standard.

This may consist of accredited qualifications or on the job training which is signed off.

  • Does your workplace carry out regular training to help and aid you in your day to day job?
  • Do you feel fully informed to be able to carry out all aspects of your job?

It is the responsibility of the employee to ensure they are suitably qualified to carry out their job however, it is also the responsibility of the employer to ensure the staff they employ are fully qualified and competent in their area.

Epica Health, Safety & Wellbeing Ltd offer many courses to suit your requirements, such as;

Just to name a few…

We can also offer advice on how to gather and deliver the relevant and most up to date information to your employees and colleagues.

To find out more, why not email our team on enquiries@epica.org.uk or call on 0151 448 7940.