Tenacious Tuesday – Winners never quit; quitters never win!

“Tenacity is the ability to hang on when letting go appears most attractive – Anonymous”

When we think of being tenacious, we seem to conjure up images of a career minded person striving for perfection in an aggressive manner. This isn’t always the case, being tenacious can and probably does form part of your day to day activities, particularly when it comes to Health and Safety.

Maybe you have highlighted a problem and been told ‘We will deal with that later’. Or our favourite (excuse the sarcasm) ‘We don’t have any money left in the budget this month to tackle that issue’. If you have highlighted a Health and Safety concern within your workplace but have been pushed to one side, don’t stop there!

Put your concerns in writing and make your concerns known to more senior management. ‘Accidents’ don’t care about timings or what money is or isn’t there. When they happen, they happen due to negligence, ignorance and lack of understanding.

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