Thinking Thursday – Stop, think and assess

How often do you think about your place of work? What works and what can be improved?

Do you ever go the extra mile to highlight issues and endeavor to have them rectified as soon as possible? Many people are aware of hazards in the workplace but choose not to act because it is easier, it may cause them work or they may simply just not know who to consult on the matter.

If there is a hazard which can be made safe i.e. picking up litter on a walkway so that it doesn’t become a slip, trip or fall incident. Consider the consequences of you taking two minutes to fix it, compared to someone being hurt as a result of doing nothing. We all know how the banana skin on the floor sketch pans out…

Continuous checks of the workplace should always be carried out and could prevent your colleagues from having an accident. Before carrying out a task; stop, think and assess the situation. Do you have the correct PPE, is there any lifting of weight involved? Speak to your supervisor to advise on the correct course of action if you are unsure in any way.

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