Thinking Thursday – Think before you act

How many times throughout the day are you on Autopilot?

We do so many of the same tasks that they become second nature; we don’t always consider the consequences if it was to go wrong.

Our brains have a structure called the default mode network. This network is responsible for evaluating past events and preparing for the future. Whilst some would argue that this is efficient and clever, that our minds and body can carry out tasks without fully concentrating. There is one area that disengages and that is your awareness. Before you start a new job or task, ask yourself the following:

  • Am I fully alert?
  • Do I know how to do this task?
  • Am I fully trained and qualified to carry out this task?
  • What is my plan for completing this task?
  • Do I need materials or support to be able to complete this task?
  • Do I have an emergency escape plan if needed?

Whilst it might seem like overkill to ask yourself these questions for a job you have done 1000 times. This is the most important time to ask yourself, over time complacency sets in and has in some cases resulted in fatalities.

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