Thirsty Thursday – Don’t wait to hydrate!

Keeping hydrated is vital to the human body.

Did you know that the human body can survive 8-12 weeks without food but can only survive just 10 days without water.

The body needs water to function for many different reasons, some of these include;

  • Digestion – Drinking plenty of water ensures your food moves through your digestive system with ease.
  • Absorption – as well as moving your food through with ease, it also helps extract all the healthy nutrients we need and properly absorbs them so that we feel the benefit.
  • Circulation – Did you know that approx. 60% of the body is made up of water, water is also absorbed into the bloodstream which is vital for transportation of nutrients.
  • Creation of saliva – Do you ever go a couple of hours without having a drink? Your mouth becomes dry, it is difficult to speak, difficult to swallow and your saliva becomes non-existent which creates a problem as when we eat, the enzymes from our saliva help breakdown the food we eat.
  • Maintain and regulate body temperature – we all know that we must replenish what water we have lost during exercise, but the same principal applies to when we get too hot. If we are properly hydrated our bodies have a better chance of cooling themselves down when they do start to overheat.

The average recommended allowance of water a day is 2 litres – whilst this seems like an impossible task to some, sometimes it is just remembering to carry a bottle of water with you and drink all throughout the day. By breaking it down it becomes more manageable, don’t forget although it is water intake it can be in many forms. You could have cordial, fresh juice, tea and coffee, milk etc.