Thirsty Thursday – Fill up with 8, make sure you hydrate!

It is recommended that we drink 8 x 8oz glasses of water per day, this is known as the 8×8 rule.

Whilst water isn’t the most exciting drink, it is the most important. Water has many benefits and is crucial for a healthy body.

Benefits include:

  • Lubricating the joints
  • Forming saliva and mucus
  • Delivering oxygen throughout the body
  • Boosts skin health and beauty
  • Cushions the brain, spinal cord, and other sensitive tissues
  • Regulating body temperature
  • The digestive system depends on it
  • It flushes body waste

Most people don’t drink enough water because they forget or don’t have it handy therefore, go without or opt for more unhealthy drinks. Why not set yourself a challenge to carry a bottle of water around with you? As soon as it is empty fill it back up so you have it to hand.

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