Thorough Thursday – Keeping it in check!

How thorough are you with your Health and Safety procedures, Checks and Inspections?

Making sure you carry out the correct procedures and have the correct policies in place is imperative. Are you 100% confident that you have all aspects of Health and Safety covered within your workplace?

There may be things you have missed, legislation you aren’t fully up to date on or it could even be that you aren’t aware you are doing something incorrect.

HSE visit numerous premises daily, they do so to ensure that people are safe and healthy at work. During a visit the H&S inspector will:

  • ask you about your workers and what they do
  • look at any possible health risks arising from the work you are doing
  • look at any machinery or other equipment that you have
  • ask to see records or other documents
  • take photographs.

Are you fully prepared if a H&S inspector walked into your workplace tomorrow? You may feel that you are but would like further guidance or maybe your health and safety policies and procedures need an overhaul?

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