Tidy Tuesday – Take the time to tidy

A place for everything and everything in its place.

Do you ever?

  • Procrastinate when it comes to tidying and cleaning?
  • Become stressed because you have piles of clutter?
  • Keep on putting items in draws or cupboards until they become so cluttered you no longer know what is in them?

Why not try our handy tips to organize your daily duties?

  • Start by making your bed – by completing this first task of a morning you are more likely to go onto accomplish more tasks throughout the day.
  • Prioritize – Create a list of all the jobs and tackle them in order of importance.
  • Pick the easy wins – are there numerous items of rubbish that can be picked up and put in the bin?
  • At work – Aim to cleanse your workspace at the end of each day so that you can start a fresh the next morning.

Cleaning and tidying are more than just keeping a tidy workspace or home. It is important to remove slip or trip hazards from the floor to avoid any nasty accidents. Furthermore, dirty surfaces or areas due to old or dried food can cause bacteria and possibly even unwanted guests.

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