Tidy Tuesday – Tidy work space, Tidy mind!

More often than not we are so busy, the area around us both in work and at home becomes untidy, its normal!

However, sometimes it feels good to just take time out of your day to stop what you are doing and regroup.

Why not stick on some of your favourite music and begin your cleaning spree – whether you listen to some of Disney’s classics ‘Whistle while you work’, ‘Spoonful of Sugar’ or even do your best Freddie Mercury impression with the hoover. Just as little as 10 minutes will make a huge difference.

  • Remove the stack of paper from your desk – we all know that the stack of paper you are hording, probably has documents in there from last year that you will never need again – sift through and pop it in the bin (confidential waste bins for any sensitive data).
  • Have you placed numerous objects, boxes and obstructions on the floor around you with the intention of ‘sorting that later’– no time like the present!
  • Have you left your tools out of your box? Maybe you need to clean them before putting them back away? Take the time now to clean and sort as you never now if you may have to urgently attend a job and you dont have your tools to hand.
  • Are there cables trailing around your workspace? They may have just become untidy whilst you have been working. Why not invest in some cable tidy’s and spend a couple of moments to neaten but most importantly make them safe.
  • The one we all know we are guilty of – Dirty Dishes! Whether it’s a plate from breakfast or a cup that hasn’t been washed for weeks, start that deep clean.

Stuck at home with the kids?

Let me guess you have tidied up 24,953 times already today? Whilst you do love them dearly, those little Tasmanian devils don’t half create a whirlwind of mess!

Why not create a cleaning game?

  • Set them a task list of appropriate jobs, as well as yourself.
  • Make it a race – set a timer and see who can complete as many of their jobs as possible within that time.
  • The winner gets a prize – something small like a chocolate bar or cake.
  • Obviously make it fair, make sure you have runner up prizes if you have more than one child. Tell them you will have another cleaning competition the following day so they can beat their record – see what I did there?! You’re welcome.
  • If you are a competitive parent, we highly recommend you take a back seat on this one. Not sure it will go down well if you make the children run around, cleaning up and then you sit there eating the sweet treat because ‘you won’.

Tidying both in work and at home helps to eliminate hazards – make your environment a safe one.

If you need expert advice on how to make your workplace safer, why not send our team an email on enquiries@epica.org.uk