A Visitor Safety Centre – Stay Safe, Keep Well, Be Happy

AN astonishing visitors’ centre has been built at the new Lymm fire station to help residents of all ages learn about the justice system, emergency situations, police work and how to stay safe.

The centre was designed with the help of a team of theme park designers and is stunningly realistic. It includes an electrical substation, urban street with zebra crossing, a mock building site, railway station and level crossing.

There is also a crash scene with interactive virtual reality headsets to help teens understand the importance of road safety.

A cinema room and interactive touchscreens will be used to help children learn about online safety and a burned out bedroom can show guests the devastating effects of house fires.

The site includes; a life-size replica house with special effects to demonstrate how fires start and spread; a mini supermarket where people can learn about healthy eating; an imitation police station with cells, and a realistic courtroom.

Trainee police officers and firefighters will also use the facility to learn new skills.

Elizabeth Sinclair, Director at Epica Health & Safety, “What a fantastic way for people to learn about particular situations and learn how to keep themselves safe.”

Centre manager Mark Shone is looking forward to welcoming the first visitor groups in September. He said: “The fire authority had this vision that it should be one of the best centres in the country. It’s got to have an impact for visitors.

“As part of the tour, young people can watch their guide being arrested and the uncomfortable questioning he goes through at the police station, all the way to the courtroom.

“We wanted it to feel like a visitors’ centre rather than a safety attraction.”

Everything is designed to be interactive to help visitors learn through a series of fun or life-like activities, including a pre-recorded 999 call to show children what information they need to provide in an emergency.

To learn more or volunteer visit www.safetycentral.org.uk