Wealth Wednesday – What’s your take?

What comes to mind when you hear ‘Wealth’?

Most people think of lots of money, luxurious lifestyles, fancy cars… The list is endless. However, have you ever stopped to think you are extremely wealthy just for having air in your lungs?

We all take our bodies for granted;

  • To be able to breathe with ease
  • To have use of all four limbs
  • To have fully functioning bodies which enable us to carry out everyday tasks
  • To be able to see, hear, taste, touch and smell.
  • Our brains operating daily, acting as the nucleus holding it all together

Even with the best intentions, sometimes these functions are taken away from us through no fault of our own; conditions from birth, old age and lifelong or terminal illness. Although one thing we can help prevent is accidents that occur in the workplace.

Ensure you are always switched on to do the best you can to guarantee your safety whilst at work.

  • Before using knives or blades – ask yourself do you have the correct PPE and are you using the correct standard for your workplace?
  • Before working with high speed moving parts – Are the correct guards in place? Have you checked where your colleagues are situated and that they aren’t within a danger zone of this machinery? Are you working within a guard, have you isolated the machinery?
  • Before operating FLT’s or MEWP’s – have you carried out your vehicle check before each use? Are you aware of other traffic you may come across in the workplace?

Not doing these checks just because ‘you know’ the answer, isn’t good enough. You need to make sure you carry out these checks every time you start or resume any of these tasks.

Appreciate your health, because health is the real wealth!

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