Launching the Accident Button!

When the Worst Happens, We’ve Got Your Back!

We are taking the hassle out of what you need do when an employee has had an accident in work!

If you use SafetyMate™ it’s a simple visit to your dashboard to report an accident.

SafetyMate™ will take care  and manage any Non-RIDDOR / RIDDOR incidents, Near Misses, Property Damage, Vehicle Damage and Occupational Health diseases.

SafetyMate™ doesn’t stop there though!  Your health and safety statistics will be gathered in the background.  This will provide you with your injury frequency rates and incidence rates.

As with all of the SafetyMate™ apps you will be able to use SafetyMate™ Transfer.  Also SafetyMate™ Alerts will be sent when the accident is outside of claim risk.

Contact us for more details or assist on use.