Who would have thought it possible?

Who would have thought, a health and safety advisor nominated for Business Personality of the Year?!  We think she deserves it, do you? Please vote here!  Voting closes 20 October 2017.

We are thrilled to announce Elizabeth Sinclair, Managing Director of Epica Health & Safety, has been nominated for Business Personality of the Year for the Liverpool Livercool Awards 2017!  The awards see the best individuals, ​business owners, entrepreneurs and decision makers in the city awarded for their contributions.

Elizabeth Sinclair, Managing Director of Epica Health & Safety was asked by Downtown in Business Liverpool, how this award would benefit you and your business?


The Liverpool Livercool Awards are about people, and how we recognise their achievements.  Being nominated for Business Personality of the Year proves to me that the team behind Epica Health & Safety are doing a fantastic job! 

“The key areas that will benefit the business by being nominated for this award include; Marketing and promotion, the business environment is so competitive today, any form of marketing and promotion should be taken with two hands, and at Epica H&S we note the marketing opportunities that business awards offer. It’s also a great way of showing off our achievements to our customer base.

Recruitment and retention, being nominated is one of the best ways to put us in front of potential employees as recognition on the highest stage. It suggests that Epica H&S is a good option for their career.  Being a part of the business awards does wonders for the morale of my current employees.

“Impressing investors and stakeholders, the employees at Epica H&S often do a lot of work that goes under the radar. Their achievements are essential to ensure company growth, keeping investors and stakeholders happy and loyal to company. This award shows that all employees are working towards a stronger company.

“Benchmark with the competition, it’s easy to see the differences between us and our competitors. It’s often the detail that separate the pretenders from the contenders. This award will show that we take the lead in health and safety innovation.

“Although the experience of being nominated and attending the awards night isn’t all about the prizes. A night spent communicating with the key players in Liverpool and potential customers is more vital.”

Thanks for Voting!

Epica Health & Safety Team