Workout Wednesday – Let’s get physical!

Whether you are in an office job or work on a factory floor. It is important to keep mobile whilst on the job.

If you are office based why not try some or all of the stretches below to help improve circulation and bring you out of that post lunch slump!

  1. Chest Stretch
  2. Upper Body Twist
  3. Hip Marching
  4. Ankle Stretch
  5. Arm Raises
  6. Neck Rotation
  7. Neck Stretch

As recommended and demonstrated by the NHS website

Even if you aren’t office based and may have a more active role, it is still important to stretch and exercise as you go so that you don’t seize up, you can still use the above stretches just adapt and adjust to suit your environment. Also, if you have a job which involves being stood in the same place for long periods of time it is important to keep moving to avoid pooling of blood in your legs.