Workout Wednesday – Working up a sweat

Although considered a chore at times – working out is great for lifting and having a positive effect on your mood.

We spend too much time procrastinating when it comes to exercise, how many times have you said the following?

  • I will exercise when I get home from work… then don’t!
  • I will exercise after tea… and haven’t!
  • I will exercise tomorrow/next week… and never do!
  • I haven’t exercised in a while; I will really struggle… then put it off!

Why not bite the bullet and kick start a new routine? Nobody is expecting you to go from being a couch potato to an Olympic athlete overnight however, gaining the courage to take those first small steps goes a long way.

  • Start by walking, walking is a nice gentle exercise that doesn’t exert you as much as other exercise but is still impacting positively on your mind and body
  • Another gentle form of exercise is swimming (oh dear, the dreaded swimsuit!). Whilst some aren’t keen on the idea of wearing swimsuits, swimming is an excellent exercise which doesn’t create impact and strain on your joints. Plus, the calories will float away…
  • Most people have access to YouTube, there are lots of exercise and fitness videos on YouTube to suit all needs. Whether it is HIIT, dance, or yoga. If you are moving your doing it right!

Alternatively, doing your housework and cleaning can burn between 170 – 190 calories per hour. You could kill two birds with one stone, a gleaming home and increasing those feel good endorphins!

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