Worldly Wednesday – Sharing your knowledge

Worldly Definition: Having a wide and refined knowledge of the world especially from personal experience.

Quite often it is the case that employees leave one business and go to another however, the Health and Safety varies massively. This may be due to a change in trade or sector, it may be down to the size of the business and what procedures they have been exposed to thus far. Although it may just be that they don’t realise there is a procedure out there that they should be following.

Many people change jobs and adopt their new companies’ way of working, which is correct but not always where health and safety is concerned.

Are you currently witnessing practices within your new company that you know you have done differently in the past? Have you spoken to management to highlight that you think a certain task can or should be carried out in a different way? It is always worth voicing your opinions where Health and Safety is concerned, it may be that your new company is unaware they are carrying a task out incorrectly or in a less efficient manner.

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