Zero Tolerance Tuesday – Looking out for one another

Zero Tolerance policies are in place in many workplaces to eliminate undesirable behaviour.

Such behaviours can include bullying, sexual harassment, violence, fraud and racial discrimination. If you have witnessed someone being subjected to any of these behaviours, it is important to report it to management. If you are the person affected by these behaviours, it is important to speak out.

It isn’t right for anyone to go into work and feel uncomfortable or unhappy due to how someone else or something else is making you feel.

If you spot the following behaviours in colleagues. It may be worth asking them if they are ok or talking to management to express your concerns;

  • Are they procrastinating?
  • Do they come across as anxious or nervous?
  • Are they showing signs of being overly emotional or irritable?
  • Do they seclude themselves?
  • Are they negative most of the time?
  • Do they come across as lacking in motivation or lethargic?

Not everyone will say if they need help. Sometimes people need to know that they are in a safe environment and can trust who they are talking to.

If you are an employer, why not make a conscious effort to inform all your employees that they are in a safe environment to express their concerns? Better still some companies set up ‘independents’ to come into the business so that employees can speak freely without fear of being judged or mocked. These independent specialists advise the employees of how they can correctly deal with a situation and refer them if they need to. They also give feedback to companies to advise what problems they have in their establishment.

Epica also offer courses to cover Wellbeing and give you a more detailed approach on how to deal with such situations. Visit our website for more details or email our team on